Schedule a meeting

We need to schedule a meeting! But we can only talk over an extremely narrow, limited band.


  1. Everyone is blindfolded. Only one person can talk at a time, called on by facilitator. The facilitator calls on the first person to raise their hand after someone has finished speaking.

  2. Everybody gets new times. Before starting again, develop a process as a group for how to arrive at a decision over the limited channel. A single additional channel is added: clapping. You can clap any time you want to. The group should decide together how they are going to use this channel, and what it will mean..

Depending on group size, run for 3 minutes or so each.

Reflection questions

  1. What's the role of an agreed-upon process here?
  2. What's the role of simple additional communication channels like agreement/disagreement?

  3. Scheduling is one thing. What about other types of decisions? How could processes be extended to support other types of communication?

  4. How did it feel to try to use this channel without being used to it?


Each person is available for only 3 times. Write them down on a piece of paper or sticky note and hand to each person.

Next: decide what to do.